IMG_7026_editI’m Christine, and this blog follows my adventures and experiences during my semester abroad in Amman, Jordan, during Fall 2016.  I am an undergraduate at Miami University in Ohio, double-majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a concentration on the Middle East, and double-minoring in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.

My primary goals of studying abroad in Jordan are to improve my Arabic fluency, especially in the Jordanian spoken dialect, and to learn as much as I can about Jordanian culture and history through cultural exchange & diplomacy.  While abroad, I also hope to travel throughout Jordan, and potentially to other countries in the region, if possible.

Before this trip, I have studied Arabic for 3 years in college, but mostly only formal (fusHa / fos7a) Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), with some Shaami dialect studies.  In Jordan, I will be taking 12 credit hours of Arabic; 6 hours of MSA, 3 hours of Jordanian spoken Arabic, and 3 hours of Media Arabic.

This blog will be my journal of experiences when I get to Jordan, and before that, will serve as a place where I provide and evaluate my pre-trip research on what to expect.  You can hope to see many different types of posts on here: background & research-based posts, journals of daily experiences, pictures of where I’ve been and what I’m doing, short posts on things I notice or learn, longer posts analyzing cultural differences that I encounter, and of course, examples of outfits that I find versatile and fashionable in Amman (once I can figure that out myself).

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