The Move

Fortunately and unfortunately, I live in an apartment now.

After a week with bed bugs at our homestay, we moved temporarily to an apartment while Ester’s room was fumigated, and decided to stay permanently.

It is really sad for me to give up living with a host family, which is one of the things I was looking forward to most about studying abroad – especially after having such an amazing experience with my host family in Europe.  I am still bummed and upset that our experience with them had to end.  Furthermore, moving was very stressful and kept me up late at night all week, trying to clean, organize, and really move in.

However, apartment life so far has many upsides, like more independence, quiet, and control over cleaning and schedules.  It is also nice to have a space that I can at least somewhat make my own throughout the semester – and a washing machine to do my own laundry.  I also am really enjoying being able to cook for myself again, since there aren’t that many healthy options available in Amman.  Now that I am more settled in, these benefits are really starting to make me feel better.

We also had to say a sad goodbye to LWeibdeh – our beloved, walkable, artsy neighborhood full of cafes, students, and great restaurants, a place I already dearly miss.  We also had to give up our perfect morning taxi carpool with our neighbors, Michaela and Phoebe.  But, in return, we are getting to know a whole new part of the city (Third Circle) and new people – all our apartment neighbors are other CIEE students, who also make for a nice (and cheap) carpool.

I think that moving to an apartment will, in the long run, prove to be the best decision for my health and my experience here in Jordan, even though it is a sad and upsetting occasion.  More updates on life in Jordan to come.


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