I am happy to formally announce that this semester I am interning at ACOR, the American Center for Oriental Research!

My first day at ACOR was September 18th, after the Eid break, but I haven’t had time to write about it until just now.  I absolutely love interning there, since my project is fun and interesting and the people I get to meet are impressive and teach me a lot of very fascinating things about their research and about Jordan.  ACOR provides fellowships for PhD candidates doing research in Jordan, as well as for senior faculty (mostly from America, but some from other countries or with dual citizenship) whose work brings them to Jordan.  Each of these fellows lives at ACOR in the upper levels, which are a sort of academics-only hostel.

I don’t get paid, but I get a free, fresh-cooked lunch on the days that I work.  ACOR is also a wonderfully quiet and organized library (along with a historic map collection that I’m still dying to check out) that really satisfies my inner introvert’s need for quiet, focused work twice a week.  At lunch, I get the incredible opportunity to rub elbows with these esteemed fellows, as well as with the senior leadership of ACOR, and the conversations always leave me Googling new things to do in Amman, various research terminology, and history lessons.

My project is to help reorganize and, in some cases, redesign ACOR’s website, which has just switched to WordPress – making me quite glad I spent all summer tinkering with this WordPress blog and becoming literate with its program.  It is a fun project, just challenging enough to keep me engaged for hours, but not so challenging that I can’t make any progress.  If  you want to learn more about ACOR, check out the website here!

I am so glad that I got this internship, and can’t wait to see what it brings throughout the semester.  Stay tuned for updates!



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