Five days

I am studying like crazy and trying to finish packing before Thursday!!  The whole thing is starting to feel much more real now.  I have been very nervous up until this week, but lately all those nerves are disappearing and being replaced with just pure excitement and anticipation for this wonderful adventure….but I am not looking forward to my long flights.

Later today I should find out my housing assignment – who my host family is, where they live, and whether or not I will have a roommate.  I can’t wait!

I’m also soaking up my last few days in America where I know my way around, I can drive, speak the language, and spend time with my friends and family (and dog).  I’ll miss it but I can’t wait to have a new adventure.  During the summer I often feel like my life is on pause, and I am so glad that soon I will have a lot of new challenges, be meeting a ton of new people, learning a lot, and moving forward with my goals!  These last five days will be quite bittersweet.


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