A Photo Tour Through Old Amman

Getting so psyched to leave for Amman in just 10 days!

ISA Study Abroad Student Blog

Luca Azzara is a student at Montclair State Universityand an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. He is currently studying and participating in service-learning abroad with ISA in Amman, Jordan.

Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan This beautiful stairway is located among one of Amman’s thriving metropolitical streets, known as Rainbow Street.

What I like to refer to as “The Modern Antiquity”, the city of Amman offers a clash between contemporary notions and antique culture. Alongside its booming metropolitan downtown region, ironically referred to as ‘Al-Balad’ or The Old Country, Jordan’s capital is home to a number of ancient sites renowned across the globe.

The Amman Citadel, located on ‘Jabal Al-Qala’a’, or The Castle Mountain, serves as a focal point throughout all of downtown Amman. From the Assyrians, to the Babylonians, to the Persians, and finally the Muslims, each of the civilizations that have previously occupied the region left behind their own shreds of influence that…

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