Tracing the history of Amman

Just 33 days.  Unbelievable.

It’s starting to feel more real the more I think about it.  The days seem to fly by with work, studying Arabic & for the GRE before I leave, and I am always wavering between excitement and anticipation, & nerves and anxiety.  Hopefully the more I learn about Jordan & Amman through this blog will help me overcome those feelings of anxiety when I arrive.

So this post will be all about Amman & its rich history.  I learned a lot by writing about this, and I hope it benefits you as a resource for any questions you may have.

Amman’s History

Amman has a long and rich history, which today is traced all the way back to around 7250 BC, when the ‘Ain Ghazal settlement was built and inhabited for the next 2,000 years by about 3,000 people just outside of modern metropolitan Ammanammon.png.  Later, the Ammonites would control the territory, and Amman was their capital, known as “Rabbath Ammon,” from which Amman drew its name.  It was an ideal location for the Ammonites, as it was directly along the King’s Highway, a trade route connecting Egypt to the Sinai Peninsula, Syria, and greater Mesopotamia.  Even today, there are ruins of the Ammonite society throughout Amman.  At this time, the Kingdom of Jordan did not yet exist as a unified entity; instead, today’s modern Jordanian territory was made up of the Kingdoms of Ammon, Moab, and Edom.

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Getting Ready, Part Two

Truly can’t believe there are only 50 short days between me and Amman.  I don’t think it will really hit me until I get on the plane!  Every day I get more excited, nervous, curious, scared, and appreciative of this opportunity.  This blog post will be more about how I am preparing myself!

Flying, Packing, and What to Wear

A little about the logistics of studying abroad in Amman for 16 weeks.  I booked my flights just under 4 months in advance, and the total cost was, luckily, under $1,000 USD.  I did my best to avoid the 13- to 18-hour flights, since I hate flying and those would have been a nightmare for me, but of course, when traveling halfway across the world, one must be willing to fly a long ways.

For packing, my flights will allow me to have 1 checked bag plus a carry on Jan-19(inshaAllah), so I am planning on taking one big suitcase, one big backpack, and my purse.  I haven’t started trying to fit everything in there yet, but last time I studied abroad for a semester I took the same amount of luggage and had everything I needed.

I am planning to pack very versatilely for Jordan.  I took a lot of advice from this excellent blog post about what to wear in Jordan, and this one with some important tips.  Journeywoman also had some important information, and Adventurous Kate’s pictures were a great example.

maxi dress
This is the exact dress I am taking, in 2 colors – from Target

I’m going to take jeans, leggings, loose pants, and a maxi skirt to wear day to day, and two maxi dresses with high necklines for more formal occasions.  In terms of tops, I’m still a little hesitant on what all to take, as I want to look fashionable but not revealing (which is difficult to find in America lately).  However, I’m going to take plenty of sweaters, cardigans, and overshirts (like a jean shirt) for layering in order to stay covered up, as well as scarves that could be used to cover my hair when necessary.  I’m also going to take 1-2 athletic pieces for hiking & working out.


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